Streamlined Practice Management System For Immigration Law Firms

Cloud-based Immigration Case and Compliance Management Software

Front Office

Prospect and Inquiry Management

  • Create your own case types derived from global case types or you create your own case types using combination of forms and templates.

Client Management

  • Automate client interaction emails, and templates.
  • Keep track of all client interactions and their case details.
  • Nurture passive clients with relevant information about their cases, dates, and reminders etc. which can be automated.

Appointments and Advanced Calendaring

  • Schedule appointments and sync up with your team calendar.
  • See all the appointments for all the members at a glance.
  • Automate appointment setting with Text/SMS messaging

Integration with Google Calendar

  • Integrate team calendar with one master google account and sync it up automatically.

Case Management

Case Creation from Inquiry

  • Create case from the enquiry details already gathered.
  • Automatically generate client portals.
  • Automatically send out client invitations to connect and complete their profile questionnaires to minimize data entry for the case work.

Immigration Forms Engine

  • Accurately and automatically fill the immigration forms with form engine and custom questionnaires.
  • Maintain your filed case forms by each case securely
  • Maintain your client case/s history and related documentation at one place

Custom Forms

  • You can have us automate and convert any form that you use repeatedly for your case work
  • These forms can be of any case type, immigration or not.
  • With the case type you can also create custom questionnaires to fill the custom form using drag and drop feature.
  • Automatically populate the custom forms from the questionnaire data that can be filled by your clients or applicants.

Customizable and Standard Questionnaires

  • System provides for profile questionnaires; law firms can customize them further.
  • Law firms can further customize questionnaires for each of the forms by simply dragging and dropping the fields which they want the appropriate entity to do the data entry for that field. It saves lot of data entry time for paralegal and attorneys.

Secure Document Management and Sharing

  • Upload documents.
  • Share the specific documents to specific client, or petitioner or applicant.
  • Allow clients, applicants and petitioners to upload and share the documents with you.

Document Checklists

  • Create checklist of documents to be uploaded for each case type if you choose to, which clients can follow and automatically upload when such case is created.

Case Timer and Integration with Billing

  • For a case with hourly billing you can start and stop case timer from any screen.
  • You can switch between cases and our intelligent timer will keep track of each case time separately and bill the time appropriately to the corresponding client.
  • You can preset the hourly rates for case workers and have them track the time if you choose to.
  • Non-billable time also can be tracked for each case.

Custom Case Types

  • Create your own case types derived from global case types or you create your own case types using combination of forms and templates.
  • Custom case type can be assigned to any client case to use the work flow, templates, forms and questionnaires created for the custom case type.

Case Workflows and Automated Tasks

  • Use standard work flow, or create your own work flow.
  • Assign work flow to custom or standard case types.

Case Notes

  • Maintain all case notes in one place.
  • Accessible from any screen.
  • Multiple users related to case can contribute to case notes if you let them.

Customizable Templates

  • Customize templates with automatic filing of system questionnaire fields, or custom defined fields.
  • Once defined, any template can be assigned to any case, and create the finalized document with fields automatically populated from case data.
  • No limit on how many custom templates you can create.
  • Embed your company logo and other details to formalize the document.

Support Letter Templates

  • Customize global templates provided with system to create your own support templates for use in any case types.
  • Avail all the features of custom templates.

Case Assignment Management

  • Assign case to attorney or paralegal as required, and share gathered case related documentation seamlessly.
  • Track case progress and issue instructions.
  • Transfer case from one team member to another.

Paralegal and Office Admin Modules

  • Separate modules for paralegal and admin staff.
  • Add and manage paralegal or admin staff.
  • Provide access to specific cases or modules to the admin or paralegal staff.
  • Track activities of staff.
  • Track progress and issue instructions to staff.

Document Assembly

  • Assemble all case documentation packet that can be archived for future reference.
  • Assemble various documents that need to be filed as required, with required sequence.

Case Archival and Safe Keeping

  • Maintain filed case documents securely.
  • Create reminders from completed cases and documentation for future action and to-dos.


Connection Management

  • Connect with one or multiple clients at once to collaborate on their cases.
  • Connect with prospective clients or third parties to gather their information for consultation on the related cases.
  • Connect and share with other attorneys in your or other industry practice.

Communication Hub

  • Communicate privately with clients, applicants, petitioners, related parties etc. and maintain records
  • Communicate about case at hand with clients and maintain records
  • Maintain record of communication with staff about cases, assigned tasks and meetings.

Secure Client Portals

  • Provide each client, petitioner, or applicant their own immigration portal
  • Allow clients, petitioners or applicants to maintain their profiles, documentation, and communication on their related cases.
  • Allow the clients, petitioners and applicants to retain their portal access to bring them back to you for more future case work.

Reminders and Alerts

  • Get reminders about case dates, deadlines, visa dates, passport expiry, LCA dates and other events for each case or client as per your requirements.
  • Set up your own custom reminders to get notified via email and/or SMS.
  • Set notifications to be sent to your clients, petitioners or applicants automatically as per your requirements.

Email Templates

  • Create your own email templates and automate communication with your clients, petitioners and applicants based on trigger events.

Back Office

Professional Invoicing and Payments

  • Invoice by case type or time logged or both as you set it up for your case, automatically.
  • Automatic invoice notification to client and payment notification to your office.

QuickBooks Integration

  • Integrate invoicing and payments seamlessly with couple clicks.
  • Sync billing and payment data with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Staff Management

  • Manage entire staff of the firm, including Attorneys, Paralegal, Admin and other staff.
  • Provide them controlled access.
  • Track activities
  • Team calendar to resolve conflicts and manage everyone’s time efficiently.
  • Automate case appointments with Text/SMS with automatic staff availability check.

Scheduling and custom workflows

  • Establish your law firm’s processes by defining custom workflows.
  • Create custom workflows or use defined workflows.
  • Create repeatable tasks schedule related to case type and schedule such tasks automatically for case created with such case type.
  • Multiple workflows possible
  • Associate specific workflow with specific case type to automatically enforce the law firm’s process.

Task Manager

  • Maintain all the required immigration related tasks and to-dos.
  • Maintain all case related to-dos by case, by date, by client, by petitioner or by applicant.

Compliance Module

  • All the documentation and reporting at one place to assist you in immigration compliance.